Auditorio Che Guevara

Last weekend and days after landing here in Mexico City we were invited to work with a friend and artist on a project at the Auditorio Che Guevara on campus at the UNAM. We spent several hours one afternoon building mysterious paper mache tunnels in the incredible space at the Che. The Che recently celebrated it’s 12th anniversary since initially being occupied in the 1999 student protests. It’s autonomously organized and houses various political organziations which operate a performance theatre, cafeteria, video and zine library (Fanzinoteca/videoteka), computer cafe, public programs, punk shows and way way more.

The paper mache tunnels we assisted in making were part of a multi-layered inaugural youth arts project that kicked off this past week’s summer community programming at the Che.

“If work was so grand, the wealthy would save it for themselves.”