Arte Jaguar, Oaxaca

While in Oaxaca one of the guys from ARTE JAGUAR has been kind enough to put us up in his house while we make our rounds doing free radio research/interviews and the like.

Besides being one of the dopest crews in Mexico- ARTE JAGUAR is often written about because of their relation to the DOS MIL SEIS (2006) Oaxacan uprising alongwith RADIO PLANTON and other outlets for free media which bloomed during the turmoil over the teacher’s strikes.

Visit 666 Ismo Critico for an interview with one of the members of Arte Jaguar discussing art and the political.

Click here to download an educator’s  arts lesson plan focused on Street Art in Oaxaca (including Arte Jaguar) and the teacher’s strike produced by Nicole Caracciolo and Angela Guy.

Arte Jaguar, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México, 2009
Foto: Contribución de José Guerrero  VIA Arte Callejero.

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